4 Wellness Exams That Might Not Be Covered at 100% by Your Insurance

Thursday, 19 August 2021

4 Wellness Exam

No one likes to be hit with a surprise out of pocket expense after going to the doctor! It can be easy to hear the words ‘wellness exam’ and automatically assume that it’s covered at 100% by your insurance company. The reality is though, that this is simply not true! What makes a wellness exam free is determined by how the doctor codes your visit and if all other requirements are met.

We came up with a list of 4 wellness exams that tend to take consumers by surprise when it comes to the out-of-pocket bill:

  • School exam for your little one
  • Physical exam for your high school athlete
  • Pre-employment exam
  • BMV exam for your chauffer’s license

Most of the time, the doctor who performs these exams isn’t going to code them in a manner that makes them 100% covered by your insurance company and free to you.

So, it’s important that when you or your children go in for these exams, you speak with the doctor and ask if they can code these visits as preventative and not diagnostic.

When a wellness exam is coded by your doctor as preventative, it will be free of charge. But, if the doctor codes it as diagnostic, you will most likely bit hit with a billing statement later.

Just make sure to have open communication with your doctor regarding these wellness exams, that way you are prepared!

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