5 Words to Help You Budget Your Medical Expenses

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Budget Medical Expense

Knowing the price of a service or item ahead of time is the #norm in our world! When you need to buy a new refrigerator, the cost is advertised openly, so you know how to budget accordingly. The same goes for eating out at restaurants, filling up your car with gas, and paying your monthly mortgage bill. We don’t think twice about any of these things, because we know the cost upfront and we’re prepared to pay the price.

That’s why so much frustration can come from healthcare expenses, because none of it is cut and dry. There isn’t a menu to order services from that prepares you for the price ahead! Typically, when you go into a doctor’s office, you’re going in #financially #blind. That’s why these 5 words are important when you’re not wanting to be hit with an unexpected out of pocket bill:

How much does it cost?

It seems like such a simple question, doesn’t it? Well, it’s the most important question you can ask when it comes to your healthcare expenses! You are allowed to ask the provider #aheadoftime what the service is going to cost. You can even request a #pretreatment #cost #estimator where the provider runs the claim through your insurance in order to give you a quote on what the service is going to cost. This saves you the #headache of getting stuck with an unexpected bill, and it ensures you’re able to focus on what truly matters…

Your level of care!

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