After Hours Coverage

Thursday, 25 March 2021

After Hours Coverage

It’s the #moment you’ve anxiously been waiting for! You finally have saved up enough money to purchase that brand new vehicle you just can’t stop thinking about. Gone are the days of driving your worn out and very used car to work every day, and here come the glorious days of #cruising around town in your new ride!

But what happens if you step onto that car lot and make your dream purchase after the insurance agency has already closed for the evening, or even worse, the whole weekend?! Are you covered in the case of an accident?

Well, we are not in the business of #crushing dreams, so we have some #marvelous news for you! If you decide to purchase your vehicle after the insurance offices have closed for the day or the weekend, you are still covered!

Your auto insurance policy is going to provide you with coverage for a newly purchased vehicle for up to 4 days!

Just make sure to set a reminder in your phone or put a #sticky #note on the steering wheel of that beautiful brand-new car, so you remember to call your agent during office hours to notify them of the new purchase!

For any additional questions or concerns, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181!

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