Always check your local paper…

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Dental and vision insurance are one of those things that aren’t viewed as a “necessity,” anymore. Most dental and vision insurance programs aren’t true catastrophic insurance plans – they are basic supplmental plans with low annual maximums. With that said, most consumers can’t afford or simply don’t see the value in dental and vision insurance – therefore having to pay the full retail cost when the appointment is scheduled. Due to the fact there is such a high number of consumers without dental and vision insurance – some providers advertise a financial incentive to have your services completed at their office. These ads* below from the Sunday South Bend Tribune illustrate the finacial incentives:

Always keep an eye and an open ear for physicans which offer a financial incentive to utilize their services without insurance or cash payment.

*I do not endorse these physicans, or get paid to advertise for them.