At What Age Do Dependent Children Come Off My Plan?

Thursday, 15 July 2021


Your child has graduated high school, made their way successfully through college, and is now headed toward the real, adult world of full-time jobs and paying their own bills!

This might leave you wondering, how long can you keep your child on your health insurance policy? When should they start planning to get their own insurance?

The general rule of thumb is that dependent children can remain on their parent’s health insurance policy up to the age of 26.

Now, as to when coverage terminates after they turn 26 – the day your child turns 26 or the end of the month they turn 26 – that will be a question to direct towards your insurance carrier, as every carrier may have a different guideline.

This might just be the most frequently asked question we get from clients, so make sure to put this information somewhere safe so you can pull it out when you need it!

We know life can be crazy though, so if you ever forget this rule of thumb, give Clevenger Insurance a call at 574-267-2181 and we’ll be sure to walk you through it!

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