Andrea Stavedahl

Andrea Stavedahl is the owner of Bent Leg Antique Marketplace LLC, an antique shop located in Warsaw, IN. You can also shop online on her Etsy shop, where she offers beautiful antique items! Andrea opened her shop in January 2022 for two reasons: she wanted to move back west to be closer to her family and had an innate desire to get back into her love of furniture and home goods.  


Andrea was born and raised in Mount Vernon, Washinton, also known as Land of the Tulips! She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban & Regional Planning. She has spent most of her adult life living in Washington state, North Carolina, and Indiana.  


Life is short, Andrea says, and the biggest gift she offers to her workplace is being able to laugh and share life with people in the Kosciusko County community.  


When asked to share a word of wisdom to other women business owners, Andrea said,

“I have a motto: when the business pushes me, I push back. It’s difficult and tiring at times but pushes the business towards growth.”