Bev Trew PalmerBev Trew Palmer is the owner of Fun Stuff For Genealogists, Inc., a genealogy business that she started from the ground up nearly 25 years ago. Bev and her husband, Lew, like to travel to genealogy seminars together, where Bev sells fun and useful items such as archival supplies, blank charts for recording your family history, jewelry, t-shirts, research books, bumper stickers and other goodies.  

Bev grew up in Michigan but then moved to South Bend shortly after college. For the last 7 years though, she has been living in Claypool with her husband. She has a master’s degree in recreation but credits her sharp business skills to her dad and brother who also have their own small business. When Bev isn’t conducting genealogy research, or selling fun items to genealogists on her website, you can find her quilting or cooking as she loves to do both!  

When asked to share a word of wisdom for other women wanting to start their own business, Bev said,

“Look for the bottom line in everything. Then ask yourself these two questions: Can you get something from the manufacturer? What is the system?”