Cassie Correll, owner of Beauty Bungalow

Cassie Correll is the owner of Beauty Bungalow, a salon located in Syracuse, Indiana. Beauty Bungalow offers a myriad of services such as dermaplaning, lash tints, eyebrow laminations, microshading, and more. Cassie is proud of the team of women she’s surrounded herself with and prides herself on providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to feel comfortable and creative. After graduating college, starting a family, and then starting over again as a single mom, Cassie grew tired of picking up odd jobs just to get them by and decided to truly pursue her dreams of becoming a salon owner. She wanted something that would offer flexibility so she could still spend time with her kids, but that she was also incredibly passionate about. After a lot of hard work and aggressive determination, Cassie made her dream a reality and opened Beauty Bungalow.

When Cassie isn’t in the salon, she’s spending time with her daughters and making memories with her family. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and loves to express her creativity through interior decorating. She also has a passion for thrifting and lives for the thrill of finding the perfect pieces to add to her spaces.

When asked to share some wisdom with other women wanting to start their own business, Cassie said,

“Make a plan. Don’t be afraid to change it accordingly, but always be sure to stick to it. Take breaks when necessary to avoid burnout, and don’t be afraid to reach out to others for advice.”