Elise Wright is the owner and creator of a fashion boutique in Warsaw, Indiana called Elysian Co. In 2015, Elise began selling jewelry and candles online, launching her business out of the spare bedroom of her home. After an invitation from the Chamber of Commerce to host a pop-up shop, Elysian Co. made its official debut in the Warsaw community in November of 2015. Now, Elysian is a fully operational fashion boutique that sells tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and so much more!

When asked to share a positive that has come from being a woman business owner, Elise responded with one word: COMMUNITY.

“Warsaw feels like home. My roots are here. The connections and conversations I have with customers are indeed something special.”

Elise’s vision for Elysian Co. is that it be a space where every customer experiences unmatched customer service and a safe place where they can be themselves. Elise is passionate about keeping her shop unique, inspiring, and filled with the kindest people and most beautiful, high-quality products. Making others feel loved, valued, and respected is one of her life’s missions.

Elise is wife to Travis and mother of two beautiful girls, Piper, and Cooper. When she’s not with her family or at Elysian Co., you can find her investing in her physical and mental health. She enjoys going to the local CrossFit gym every week, grabbing a cup of coffee from a local coffee shop, and being available for monthly therapy sessions.

“Don’t let fear stop you”, says Elise. “Take a leap of a faith! You are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine. Most times, the risk is worth the reward.”