Linzy Warner

Linzy Warner is the owner of an online apparel business called Maeve Creations LLC that is based out of South Whitley, Indiana. Maeve Creations LLC was born in April 2018 but didn’t truly take off until 2020 when she was able to hire her mom, Vickie, to oversee the shipping process. Maeve Creations LLC provides apparel to local coffee shops and ship all over the USA. Linzy’s vision for Maeve Creations LLC is to spread joy by providing stylish apparel for ALL sizes, making body positivity their top priority! 

Linzy is a wife and mother of two beautiful children, Eli and Maizy. She loves iced coffee and admits that she probably drinks a little too much of it! She considers herself a “hype girl” because she loves to boost people’s confidence and believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.  

To support Linzy’s business and to help spread that positivity, you can give Maeve Creations LLC a follow on Facebook and Instagram and share their social media pages with your friends! They even offer a texting club where you can sign up and receive special offers and be the first to know when new products drop! 

When asked to share some wisdom for other women wanting to start their own business, Linzy said,

“Have a goal and don’t stop until it happens! Running a small business takes a TON of work, dedication and literal blood, sweat, and tears. But the outcome is so rewarding. Google and YouTube are also your best friends!”