Rochelle Rock is the proud owner of Rose Lee Boutique, a women’s clothing store on Buffalo Street in Warsaw, Indiana. Rose Lee Boutique began 6 years ago as a traveling boutique while Rochelle was working toward her college degree. On the weekends when she didn’t have classes, she would take her traveling boutique to different events and wineries. After graduating college, Rochelle purchased her first storefront location for Rose Lee Boutique in Syracuse, Indiana. Then, she decided to move her store to Goshen – where she grew up – then finally made the permanent move to Warsaw after her little boy was born.  


Rose Lee Boutique strives to provide a fun and safe place to shop for high-quality, trendy clothing and accessories at an affordable price! The name of the boutique is special to Rochelle as it was named after her mom and grandmother.  


Rochelle and her fiancé have a little boy named Oliver who loves to go to work with her! She loves fashion, food, and is a sucker for staying home and snuggling on the couch with her family, watching tv and eating snacks.  


When asked to share a word of advice to other women wanting to start their own business, Rochelle said,

“Just do it! You will always find a million reasons not to start a business and it will ALWAYS feel scary. Make a plan and make your plan realistic! Start small and build slowly, at your own pace. Your dreams are worth it, and you can do it!”