Indiana Product Liability Insurance

You put your heart and soul into the products you make and sell. They’re designed to help people, not hurt them - they make people’s lives easier and better.

Until your product causes harm.

It’s never a good day when you find out someone has been hurt using something you made or sold. It’s even worse when you’re sued for it. Even if you did everything right, a lawsuit is a very real possibility. Don’t face it alone. Purchase an Indiana product liability insurance policy for your business and protect yourself and the company you’ve built.

In Indiana, product liability insurance helps your business when a third party is harmed by your product. When the lawsuit lands on your doorstep, you can handle it as long as you’ve got the right kind of coverage and the right amount.

What Does an Indiana Product Liability Insurance Policy Cover?

  • Legal fees and settlements when your business is sued.
  • Medical expenses from those harmed by your product.

How Much Product Liability Insurance Do You Need?

Each business is unique, and the amount of coverage you need is based on how many products you sell and how many people are involved in making your product. Even if your company doesn’t make a product, but only sells or distributes it, you still may need an Indiana product liability insurance policy. Lawsuits can happen to anyone who participates in the manufacturing, distribution, or sale of a product that causes serious harm or damage. You’re not exempt just because you don’t make it yourself.

Be your own superhero. Protect yourself and your company with product liability insurance. Clevenger Insurance Agency can help!