Navigating Ambulance Charges

Thursday, 02 June 2022


When you go through something as traumatic as an ambulance ride, the last thing on your mind is whether or not it’s covered under your insurance plan.

So, when 6-8 weeks later you receive a gigantic bill in the mail stating that insurance will not pay for your ambulance services, it can be a bit frustrating!

Believe it or not, this a common occurrence!

Typically, ambulatory services are considered “out of network”. Ambulance providers are usually independent contractors who do not work with any insurance companies. This means that when they bill you, there’s no limit for “reasonable and customary” charges.

Therefore, they can bill you however much they want because they’re not contracted with an insurance company that tells them what’s reasonable and customary to charge you!

The best thing you can do once you receive that bill is to call the provider and negotiate the bill down. Make sure to explain to them that it was a true emergency situation and that you can send in your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company showing that they coded it as an “in network” claim due to the nature of the true emergency.

If you have any questions regarding ambulatory services and your insurance, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

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What Can I Tell the Doc if I Don’t Have a HIPAA Release?

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Hippa 2

Have you ever heard of HIPAA?

HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and it was enacted in 1996 as a way to protect your health-related information. HIPAA prevents doctors, nurses, and all healthcare workers from leaking your personal health records.

That means typically, a loved one can’t have access to your medical records or your diagnosis information unless you sign off on a HIPAA release form, which gives them permission to access your file.

But, if you are a loved one of a patient who hasn’t signed a HIPAA form, you can still express any concerns you have regarding the patient to the doctor!

Now, the provider won’t be able to give you any treatment plan information or share the patient’s medical information with you, but you can still disclose information to the doctor so that the doctor can follow up with the patient regarding your concerns.

If you have any questions regarding HIPAA or would like to discuss your health insurance coverage, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

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Smoking Cessation Programs & Your Health Plan

Thursday, 05 May 2022

Smoking Cessation

Did you know that your health insurance plan may offer a smoking cessation program?

Yep, it’s true!

While not all insurance carriers offer this benefit, most are starting to, and it’s worth checking into!

If you are interested in quitting smoking, give your health insurance company a call using the number on the back of your ID card and ask if they offer a smoking cessation program.

If they do, make sure to ask them what resources are available to you through the program.

Some of the resources provided to you by your smoking cessation program may include:

  • Replacement nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum
  • Nicotine Lozenges

Most of the time, prior authorization is needed from your doctor for a smoking cessation program and it’s usually a one-time, 90-day program.

Each carrier may differ in the details, so again, make sure to check with your insurance carrier to get the exact information!

If you have any questions regarding this benefit, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

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Indiana Resource Hotline

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Indiana Resource Hotline

Sometimes, we are all in need of a little help or we know someone close to us who is.

The good news is, there’s a way you can help yourself and others!

The state of Indiana has a FREE hotline to help Hoosiers get connected with local resources related to COVID19, housing, education, substance abuse, mental health, childcare, and family assistance.

If you dial 211, you will get connected with a representative who can point you in the direction of the services you are needing in your area.

This hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year, so you have around the clock access to resources in Indiana at your fingertips.

We would encourage you to utilize this hotline for local resources or share this email with someone you think might benefit!

If you have any questions related to your healthcare coverage, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

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HSA Money & Your Insurance Premiums

Thursday, 07 April 2022

Hsa Money & Insurance Premium

Attention all HSA plan holders!


If you have an HSA, or a Health Savings Account, it’s important to know that you cannot use your HSA money to pay for your health insurance premiums.


We know this is a bummer but paying your premiums with your HSA dollars is a direct violation of IRS guidelines – and we want to save you the hassle of being bombarded with cease-and-desist letters!


There are, however, a list of IRS approved items that you can spend your HSA money on, and we recommend calling your local bank to obtain an updated list.


If you have any questions regarding your HSA account, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

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