Is iPad Insurance for Kids Worth It?

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Ipad Insurance

It’s officially back to school season for the kiddos which means back to school shopping, overstuffed bookbags, and the dreaded decision of whether or not to purchase iPad insurance.

Most schools now allow students to take their iPads home with them for eLearning purposes. While this is a great way to catch up on homework from home, we all know that kids are prone to accidents! For this reason, our recommendation is to always purchase the iPad insurance offered to you through the school.

If there’s an accident involving the iPad, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover the cost of the damages because the iPad doesn’t technically belong to you.

So, make sure to leaf through that back-to-school packet that your kiddos are sure to bring home on the first day back to school, and fill out that form requesting iPad insurance!

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What’s The Difference Between Comprehensive & Collision Coverage?

Thursday, 02 December 2021

Comprehensive Or Collision

Have you ever made an appointment with your insurance agent to discuss auto insurance, and the second they start discussing the different types of coverages, you find yourself tuning out?

We understand how confusing and overwhelming insurance can be. That’s why, as insurance nerds, it’s our job to educate you on your coverages so you can feel empowered to make the right decisions when it comes to your insurance needs.

When it comes to auto insurance, there are two types of coverages you need to be aware of: comprehensive and collision. Keep in mind that both types of coverages have deductible limits that will have to be paid before your insurance company pays on a claim.

Now, to make it simple, let’s break down the two different coverages.

First, let’s talk about comprehensive, AKA “other than collision coverage”. Comprehensive coverage provides coverage to your vehicle for losses that outside of your control. This might be vandalism, fire, theft, glass breakage, or any animal damage that is caused on the inside or outside of the vehicle.

Next, let’s talk about collision coverage. It’s important to note that collision coverage has a separate deductible from comprehensive coverage. Collision provides coverage for when your vehicle collides with someone else’s vehicle or when someone else’s vehicle collides with yours.

If you still need clarity on the difference between collision or comprehensive coverage,  or you’d like to take a look at coverage limits, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

Difference Between an Auto Body Shop & an Auto Repair Shop

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Auto Body Repair Shop

Did you know that there’s a difference between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop?

An auto repair shop is typically called a “garage” and provide solutions for wear and tear items on your vehicle. This might include replacing your breaks, your rotors, your tires, or even an oil change!

On the other hand, an auto body shop is who you’re going to want to visit if your vehicle is ever involved in a car accident. An auto body shop works on the body of your car such as the windows, doors, bumpers, etc.

In the event that you have an auto claim, and you are unsure if the body shop you want to use is a body shop or repair shop, give Clevenger Insurance a call at 574-267-2181 and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Why is a Vacant Home So Hard to Insure?

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Vacant Home

Have you ever wondered why a vacant home is so hard to insure?

Well, the reason for that is that a vacant home has a higher liability exposure than a home that is considered your primary residence. The home that is vacant is typically not occupied on a day-to-day basis which leaves room for greater risk of vandalism, theft, fire, and injuries of someone else on your property without you knowing.

Despite the risks though, there are carriers and certain types of policies that your agent can write in order to provide adequate coverage to your vacant home.

Are you needing vacant home coverage? Or would you like to schedule an insurance review? Give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

Do You Know How Much Personal Property You Have?

Thursday, 11 November 2021

How Much Personal Property

Have you ever laid awake at night, wondering if you have enough coverage on your personal belongings?

Well, if you don’t know how to answer that question, here are some tips on how to know whether you do have enough coverage:

  1. Find your homeowner’s policy and figure out your coverage limit
  2. Make sure you are aware of what personal property coverage is. Imagine picking your house up in your hand and dumping it upside down. Everything that would fall out of your upside-down house is considered your personal property.
  3. Walk through your home and calculate the furnishings that you must make sure your personal property coverage is where it should be

If you need additional resources on what your personal property coverage is or how to set those limits, Clevenger Insurance can provide you with a walk through of your home, or an inventory worksheet to help you calculate that personal property limit.

Have questions? Give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

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