Here’s Why Your Annual Miles Driven

Thursday, 09 September 2021

Miles Driven

Have you ever been on the phone with your insurance agent reviewing your auto policy renewal when suddenly, they ask you how many annual miles you’ve driven? Well, it may seem like a random, irrelevant question, but your answer might just have a bigger impact than you think!

The reason your insurance agent is asking for your annual miles driven is because if you drive within a certain number of miles per year, your insurance carrier may just offer you a ‘low mileage discount’!

Insurance carriers also want to make sure they are charging an accurate premium amount for each vehicle listed on your policy.

Overall, your answer to the seemingly random question of ‘what’s your annual miles driven?’ could have a significant effect on your overall auto policy premium!

So, the next time your agent calls you to conduct an insurance review, or to discuss your yearly renewal, make sure to come prepared with your annual miles driven!

If you have any further questions on why your annual miles driven matters, or you would like one of our agents to review your auto policy, give Clevenger Insurance a call at 574-267-2181.

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