HSA Money & Whitening Your Teeth!

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Teeth Whitening

Everybody wants gleaming, pearly whites! The only thing is, your health insurance company most likely deems teeth whitener as an exclusion, and an exclusion is something that is NOT covered under your health plan.

Most insurance companies place teeth whitener on their list of exclusions because they consider it to be a cosmetic service, and most cosmetic services are typically excluded from coverage.

We know this is a major bummer… but, if you have an HSA account, we have good news for you!

Teeth whitener may be excluded from your health plan, but it’s included on the list of HSA eligible expenses! This means you can use your HSA money to buy teeth whitening treatments from your dentist and achieve those gleaming, pearly whites you’ve been dreaming about.

If you have any questions about exclusions on your health plan, give Clevenger Insurance a call at 574-267-2182.

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