Collage Celia

Even though I was born and raised in a small Ohio town – my family managed to be fanatics of all things MSU. As the oldest, I set the standard high and was the first to claim myself a “Hoosier.” My life in Kosciusko County started when I enrolled in Grace College. I started to embrace that my path in life was guided by the Man above, instead of what made sense. I met my husband, which you guessed it… is an OSU fan, which made family gatherings very interesting! Once we graduated from college, my husband started a career in insurance and I worked at a local boutique. The boutique was a great way to start adulting, but I knew I wanted more. Something more impactful. Something more meaningful and something more long term. Somehow, the “more,” was a career in insurance. And no, my husband and I don’t work together, but we do talk a lot about insurance! The place in my career right now is in employee benefits and educating clients how to navigate the healthcare system. While it is challenging, and ever changing, I’ve learned the challenges truly end up being the reward. There is never a day that is the same. And that’s what I love. The ability to personalize the health insurance relationship so clients can get the most out of their benefit!

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