Dane Head Shots

Ever since middle school, I have always had a knack for communication and technology! Video projects, public speaking, and presenting were always my favorite projects to take part in because it gave my imagination a chance to run wild. With these interests in mind, fast forward to the present, and I am currently studying Digital Media at Manchester University while balancing life as a collegiate athlete. I’m a part of the track team and throw javelin, high jump and triple jump! Life as a student athlete is pretty awesome, but I was so excited when the Clevenger Insurance team gave me the opportunity this summer to grow in my field of study by hiring me as their official Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer! I not only get to sharpen my mad media skills, but I get to learn all about the dynamic world of insurance. I can’t wait to show the community how awesome the Clevenger team is, and more importantly, how marvelously we can service all of your insurance needs!

When I’m not hustling as the Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer, you’ll find me in the gym working out to prepare for track season, or in my studio creating some awesome music or cool videos.

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