Hayle Cape

People say once you work in insurance, you will always work in insurance. So far…. this statement is a true one…. and I couldn’t be happier! 2015… not only the year I started in insurance, but also the year of many heartbreaking world events. The average person has a love hate relationship with insurance, but once a person goes through a traumatic loss, the value of insurance is irreplaceable. Insurance makes us whole, and time after time, I have seen how insurance is  life changing. Because of this, I take my job very seriously. I recognize that everyone is dealing with some type of battle and my favorites part of the day is when I can turn a client’s day around. Insurance is what I do, but helping people is why I do it!

Born and raised in Rochester, Indiana, I tend to think I am a pretty simple gal. Family is my #1, which includes my boyfriend, son, and new puppy! Animals, especially, elephants have a special place in my heart, because animals represent peace, loyalty and strength. These core values are brought into my workspace and personal life, and overall I try to create peace for everyone around me. My passion is to bring a smile to everyone’s faces : inside and outside of work. Going to airport shows and kayaking are two main activities that my family enjoys….because I can’t always talk insurance!  If you need a voice to hear your worries, come and visit me! I am at the front desk and will do everything I can do create a positive and happy experience for you at Clevenger!

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