Collage Jerry

I was born in South Bend, but that doesn’t make me a fan of Notre Dame football. I was raised in Plymouth, but that didn’t mean I would be a Rockie/Pilgrim for the rest of my life. I graduated from a “liberal arts” college, but that doesn’t make me a liberal. Insurance has been my professional focus for the past forty years, although my college “major” was biology. Community service has been my passion for the past forty years because I love the Warsaw/Winona Lake/Kosciusko County. Family, golf, church, current events, bike rides, lawn work and spectator sports occupy my free time. I’m a big fan of Indiana University athletics, the Chicago Cubs/Bears, Indianapolis Colts and watching high school and professional golf. If you stop me on the street, it is highly probable that I’ll show you photos or videos of my six grandkids, two pups, five “grand dogs,” or my three kids and their spouses. A good joke, a cold beer, Kentucky bourbon or a random story may follow the “photo show” because I like all of them (in moderation). I’ve been married to the same woman for thirty-six years. Most people know her as a high school Spanish teacher, but I know her as my best friend and partner in a wonderful life.

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