Collage Joe

Insurance has flooded my ears since I was a kid sitting around the dinner table, but it wasn’t until after my father was scheduled for open-heart surgery that I decided to induct myself into the career. Now that I am here, I love it. There have been a lot of trials for me as far as increasing my knowledge in the business, but all of it has made me into a better person and helped me grow. Over the years in Warsaw, I have gained new perspectives, and I look at insurance as a way to protect people’s assets. Insurance has never been about collecting premiums for me; it is just about putting people back together when they reach a low point in life. Outside of work, I enjoy fishing, crossfit, and spending time with my wife and children. The Warsaw community has been a wonderful place to raise a family, and it is inspirational to see how close-knit everyone is. Because there are so many great opportunities and charitable people here, my goal is to help them to the best of my ability and confirm that they are covered for any problems that may arise; I want to be there for them, like they would be there for me.

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