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I am a country girl at heart but without the farm. I was born and raised in southern Indiana, in the area of Madison, down on the Ohio River. I spent my junior year of high school as an exchange student studying in Guatemala City. I fell in love with the Guatemalan people, the Spanish language and the culture and after living there several years of my life, I returned to Indiana to continue my studies and graduate from Indiana University.

I am a retired Spanish teacher of 29 years, so working at the Insurance office is an all new experience for me. I love it because it is low stress and there is no work to take home. My job is to scan documents and enter the information in the computer.

I am the proud mother of three children, Joe is my middle child, and I am Jerry’s wife. My children are married with wonderful spouses and I have six “perfect” grandchildren. I also am the mother to two young dogs and the grandmother to several grand dogs. I enjoy doodling and coloring, reading, playing with the dogs, traveling to Guatemala and meditating.

Even though I am shy around unfamiliar situations and new people, I love to smile, to tease and joke, and to give warm hugs. Like Sonia, I too speak Spanish and I enjoy every moment immersed in the language. Soy gringa pero me encanta hablar español.

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