Small businesses impact their communities in a variety of ways. From interpersonal relationships to the economy to local opportunities, small businesses are the community’s heartbeat. Celebrating a small business is more than complimenting its service – it’s recognizing and cherishing the positive impact it has on the community. Small businesses wouldn’t be able to exist without a workforce. As a business leader, we understand how difficult it can be to express gratitude for your team on a regular basis. But we believe we are stronger together, and want to help you recognize your workforce by encouraging you to nominate your team member(s) to be a “Small Town Superhero”. Small-town superhero is a team member that lives, works, and plays in Kosciusko County and who exhibits noble qualities that make an impact locally. Please complete the nomination form and we will take care of the rest! We’ll notify your team member that they’ve been nominated for this award, along with gifting them a small-town superhero shirt as a badge of honor to wear around town. 

Small-town Superhero Nomination Form