Guts. It takes lots of it to open a small business! Lots of planning, saving, and executing goes into it making it happen, which is why we recognize that opening a small business is no small feat.

At Clevenger Insurance, we want to point to and call out the superpowers of those who start a business:

  • Courage to make things happen, stick with it, and remain confident against all odds.
  • The ability to thrive in uncomfortable environments.
  • Taking a leap of faith despite an unknown future.
  • Understanding that failure is not just an option but a reality.
  • Having the self-awareness and readiness to pivot, evolve or reset.
  • Being vigilant and taking time to rest or exhale.
  • Keeping a tightrope balance between refusing to accept failure and simultaneously embracing it when it appears.

Here are the new local businesses that we consider small-town heroes: