Listing Your Kids as the Beneficiary

Friday, 04 November 2022

Kids Benefeciary

Let’s talk about life insurance and some important things you need to know if you have or want to list your kiddos as the beneficiary to your life insurance policy.

  1. If you pass away before your child is 18 years old, the death benefit will not go to them. It will go to the legal guardian that is listed for your children.
  2. It’s important that you record in a will, a trust, or some legal document how you want the child’s legal guardian to handle that life insurance payout.
  3. If you choose not to leave behind wishes on how you want the legal guardian to spend that money, then the legal guardian is free to spend it however they see fit.

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The Difference Between Primary & Contingent Beneficiaries

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Life Insurance

None of us like to talk about it, but we all need it! Yep, you guessed it… it’s life insurance!

Having life insurance helps you sleep better at night because you know that your loved ones are financially taken care of in case anything were to happen to you.

One of the most important things to consider when taking out a life insurance policy is who to name as your beneficiary.

A beneficiary is the designated person who receives the benefit payout of a life insurance policy.

But did you know that there are two types of beneficiaries? There’s a primary beneficiary and a contingent beneficiary that you can list on your life insurance policy.

A primary beneficiary is the person who’s going to receive the life insurance money first. A contingent beneficiary is your plan B; they will receive the life insurance money if something were to happen to both you and your primary beneficiary.

It’s always a good idea to have a plan B, so make sure to list a contingent beneficiary on your life insurance policy!

If you ever need to remove or change your primary or contingent beneficiaries, you can do so by contacting your carrier.

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Is iPad Insurance for Kids Worth It?

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Ipad Insurance

It’s officially back to school season for the kiddos which means back to school shopping, overstuffed bookbags, and the dreaded decision of whether or not to purchase iPad insurance.

Most schools now allow students to take their iPads home with them for eLearning purposes. While this is a great way to catch up on homework from home, we all know that kids are prone to accidents! For this reason, our recommendation is to always purchase the iPad insurance offered to you through the school.

If there’s an accident involving the iPad, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover the cost of the damages because the iPad doesn’t technically belong to you.

So, make sure to leaf through that back-to-school packet that your kiddos are sure to bring home on the first day back to school, and fill out that form requesting iPad insurance!

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When Your Plan Doesn’t Have Out of Network Coverage

Thursday, 28 July 2022


If you’ve just learned that your health insurance plan does NOT have out of network coverage and you’re about to panic, hit the pause button and consider these 2 things:

  1. Check for in network providers by accessing the health carrier’s phone app, going online to their website, or calling the carrier direct
  2. If your doctor is out of network, talk to them about any discounts or financial help they could offer you or if they could refer you to an in-network provider they trust.

We understand that not having out of network coverage can feel like a scary thing! But it doesn’t have to be once you take a deep breath and focus on the facts.

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Answering Your Questions on Foster Care Kiddos

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Foster Care

A common question we run into is, can foster children be added to my employer sponsored health insurance plan?

To make it easier for you, we’ve done our research and asked the health carriers, and unfortunately, the answer to this complex question is no.

The reason foster kiddos cannot be added to your health insurance plan is because those kiddos are considered wards of the state. Therefore, the state of Indiana is required to provide Medicaid services for free, at no cost to you, for the child.

This is why private insurance companies such as Anthem, PHP, or UnitedHealthcare, will not allow you to add your foster kiddos to your plan. They know that the state is obligated to provide that coverage for them!

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