What Is an EOB and How Do I Read It?

Thursday, 04 February 2021


Have you ever received a letter from your health insurance carrier that immediately caused your blood pressure to rise and your head to spin? If so, you are #notalone! We have all been there, and we know exactly how it feels to be #overwhelmed by an insurance document. If you have just recently undergone a procedure or had a doctor’s visit, more than likely, the letter you are receiving from your health insurance carrier is simply an EOB. EOB stands for “Explanation of Benefits” and it’s an executive summary that explains how your claim was processed by your insurance carrier. Here are some important things you need to know when reading your EOB;

  • On the EOB will be the name of the subscriber – the person who holds the insurance plan – and it will also show the name of the claimant attached to that specific claim. The claimant could be the subscriber, or it could be any dependents enrolled on the plan.
  • The EOB will break down the date of service for the claim, the provider, the facility name, the treatment rendered, and the financial responsibility of all parties included.
  • If your claim was denied, the EOB will give details regarding the declination and how the claim was coded. Keep in mind, if you ever have a claim denied, we can always #appeal to the insurance company and ask them to reprocess the claim. We cannot guarantee that the insurance company will act in your favor, but it is always worth a try!

The more you #educate yourself on how to read your health insurance documents, the more #empowered you will feel to take control of your healthcare journey! We want to help you make this happen as much as we can, so give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181. We can’t wait to answer all of your questions and help boost your #confidence!

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