Why We Need to Know Your Current Insurance Rate

Monday, 01 March 2021

Current Insurance Rate

Give yourself a #pat on the #back! You’ve made the decision to allow Clevenger Insurance to #review your current policy and we can’t wait to #educate you on all things insurance! In order to #maximize your #insurance #review, we do need to know your current insurance #rate, and here’s why:

Before you decide to purchase an individual health insurance policy, follow these steps:

  1. We are #insurance nerds at heart! And while we are an independent insurance agency that represents multiple carriers, we have a #pulse on our competitors! Just by providing the name of your current carrier and the cost can help us determine if it’s worth taking the insurance review to the next step. Providing the #cost saves #time!
  2. You may have current coverages that you’re paying for that you don’t #need! Or, you may not have coverages that you do #need! You get the most for your #money when you decide to review your insurance with us!
  3. We want you to become #insurance nerds like us! Once you become a Clevenger Insurance client, we’re going to request to review your #insurance every year to make sure you’re #educated on your coverages and coverage options!

So, don’t #wait! Call Clevenger Insurance today at 574-267-2181 to schedule an #insurance #review so we can save you time, money and #educate you on all of your insurance #needs!

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