Referral Program

At Clevenger Insurance Agency, we’re not just trying to win your business and sell insurance policies. We want to earn your trust and loyalty so that you’re proud to tell others you know about us. Referrals help our business grow and allow us to make sure more people have the insurance coverage they really need — before disaster strikes.

We want to make an impact, not just at work, but also in our community. We’ve worked with a number of organizations over the years, too many to list, but we’ve selected four local nonprofits that make an impact in the community every single day.

Kosciusko County

Elkhart County

For every person you refer to Clevenger Insurance Agency, we’ll make a $10 donation to a charity of your choice. Now you can help make a difference in the lives of people you know and people you may never meet.  Together, we can all make a difference in the world.

We hope we’ve made a difference in your life and helped you when you needed it by providing excellent service and the right insurance coverage. Now help us make a difference for other people and places right here in Kosciusko County. Refer your friends and family to Clevenger Insurance Agency and give back to your community at the same time.