Indiana Directors and Officers Insurance

With great power comes great responsibility. The directors and officers of your organization knew that when they took the job, and it’s something that keeps them working hard to make the best decisions possible for the company.

But that doesn’t mean everyone sees them as the hero in the story. Someone might consider your directors and officers the villain instead. That’s why Indiana businesses need Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance.

When your organization gets sued by a vendor, customer, employer, or government regulator, your directors or officers can be named as part of that lawsuit. This means they can be held personally liable for any damages awarded.

To hire and keep the most qualified professionals for your company, they need to know they’ll be protected in a lawsuit. That’s what D&O insurance provides. Think of it as management errors and omissions coverage. When they make a decision that turns out to have negative financial consequences, and you get sued, D&O comes to the rescue.

Who Benefits from Directors and Officers Insurance?

  • Financial institutions
  • Private and public companies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Any institution with a board of directors

What Does Directors and Officers Insurance Protect Against?

The most common allegations that directors and officers face include:

  • Securities litigation
  • Regulatory actions
  • Breaches of fiduciary responsibilities
  • Misrepresentation

If a settlement must be paid, D&O insurance helps protect the personal assets of your officers and directors, their spouses and domestic partners, and their estates after their death.

You hired them to make the tough decisions. Help protect them from the fallout of those decisions with the right Indiana directors and officers insurance coverage. Let Clevenger Insurance Agency help you find the right coverage for your organization.