Indiana General Liability Insurance

While all businesses are unique, there are certain things that every Indiana business needs: customers to spend their money, products or services to sell, and general liability insurance to protect it all. That’s right. Insurance should be in your top three.

Why? Because once you have customers (and vendors) and products and services to sell, the potential for accidents and injury skyrocket. The only thing that will be there in your darkest hour after someone takes a bad spill or you damage property, is your Indiana general liability insurance coverage.

It protects you and your business from financial ruin after an accident. Your general liability insurance coverage pays for injuries and property damage that customers, vendors, and other third-parties might experience.

Bodily injury coverage: When a non-employee gets hurt while working with you -- on location or not -- this covers their medical expenses.

Property damage coverage: When someone who doesn’t work for you has their property damaged in the course of doing business with you or on your property, this pays for their damage.

Lawsuits: You’re covered when someone decides to sue, whether you’re really at fault or not.

For Indiana businesses, general liability insurance is the one form of coverage that everyone needs, regardless of your industry or size. Without it, you’ll need your own superhero to save the day when someone gets hurt.

How much general liability insurance coverage you need depends on the size and type of business you own. But it’s not something you can skip. Once you interact with the public, you’ve got to protect yourself from lawsuits. General liability insurance might not wear a cape, but it will come to your rescue when you need it most.

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