Indiana Home Insurance

Your first home is the one you weren’t sure you’d be able to buy. The next one is the one you get as your family grows. After that, there are smaller homes, vacation homes, and forever homes. They all have one thing in common:

It’s your home.

From tiny one-bedroom houses to luxury homes with room to spare, this is where we laugh, love, and grow. You’ve turned your house into a home, now protect it with an Indiana home insurance policy that will cover you when disaster strikes.

Cheap home insurance does you no good when a winter storm takes off your roof or burst pipes flood the basement. When the worst happens, you need your insurance policy to come to the rescue, not cause more pain and suffering.

At Clevenger Insurance Agency, we can help you find the Indiana home insurance policy designed to cover you when you need it most.

Liability: Did someone stop by for a visit or do work on your home and get hurt? Was their property damaged or destroyed? Your home insurance policy covers the property damage and medical expenses. Your legal fees are also covered if they decide to sue.

Property Damage: It’s hard to imagine your home being damaged or destroyed by a storm, fire, or other disaster. When it happens, your home insurance policy should help you rebuild from the ground up -- replacing your home and the property inside.

We can help you find a new home insurance policy whether you’re buying a new house, or you’ve lived there for years. Don’t choose the cheapest policy without understanding exactly what is covered -- and what isn’t. Instead, work with a local insurance agency who will be there for you when the worst happens and make sure you have the best possible home insurance coverage for your budget before disaster strikes.

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