Do you ever wonder why your home is insured more than it’s worth? Perhaps when renewal time comes around and you receive that summary in the mail of your homeowner’s policy, you get confused and agitated, wondering if your agent has made some sort of mistake! Well, before you decide to fire your agent, let […]

Dental insurance is one of the most common and cost-effective benefits that an employer can provide for their team. If you have dental insurance, you may have wondered a time or two if veneers are covered! The answer? It depends! I know that’s not as straightforward of an answer as you might like, but every […]

Technology is always evolving, and us – as an agency — right along with it! We are thrilled to announce that Clevenger Insurance Agency now has its own mobile app! The name of the app is Clevenger Insurance Online and you can download it from the app store on your mobile phone. Here’s what you’ll […]

We did it! We made it through 2020: an unprecedented year spent facing the reality of a virus that brought with it fear of the unknown and doubt for the future. Now, it’s 2021 and hope is on the uprise for several different reasons! One of those reasons for you just might be news of […]

Your child has graduated high school, made their way successfully through college, and is now headed toward the real, adult world of full-time jobs and paying their own bills! This might leave you wondering, how long can you keep your child on your health insurance policy? When should they start planning to get their own […]