There’s no worse feeling than going to the pharmacy and having the pharmacist tell you that your medication has been denied by your insurance! Disbelief turns to panic which then gives way to pure frustration as you stand there at the counter #confused and #dumbfounded. You know you need the medication but paying the high […]

Did you know that the cost of your medical services is directly impacted by the level of care you choose? The more immediate level of care that you receive, the higher your out-of-pocket cost will be. For example, if you choose to go to an Emergency Room or Urgent Care facility, your out-of-pocket cost will […]

Have you ever received your auto renewal papers in the mail from your insurance company and wondered how they determine your rate? Believe it or not, the insurance company doesn’t just pull your rate randomly out of the sky! There are a few things that they take into consideration when determining your yearly auto rate: […]

It’s that time of year again! Coffee in hand, you’ve made your morning trip to the mailbox and back, and a letter from your insurance company catches your eye. You open it up, and it’s your annual renewal letter regarding your homeowner’s policy. The premium has changed, again, and you’re left wondering how on earth […]

One of our #core #values at Clevenger Insurance is to think long term. We realize that no one wants to talk about worst-case scenarios, but it’s our job to #educate you on what is needed in case of a medical emergency! Not everyone in your life is aware of what type of health insurance plan […]