Indiana Umbrella Insurance

No one wants to believe our neighbor will sue us or that a minor fender-bender will turn into a contentious lawsuit. But it happens to real people, trying to live their lives, every single day. For those who live in Indiana, an umbrella insurance policy can help.

Accidents happen. We all know that. Yes, sometimes they can be prevented, but sometimes they can’t. We try to do what’s right and fix it when we’re at fault. But that doesn’t always prevent the expensive disaster from blindsiding us without warning.

When you find out you’re being sued because someone tripped and fell in your yard or because the auto accident was worse than you thought, it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. Not if you have an Indiana umbrella insurance policy.

Your home, auto, RV, and other forms of insurance all include liability. For most accidents, the limits on your policy will be enough. The claim will be paid, and you can move on with life. But sometimes, it won’t be enough, and you’ll fall short.

What if the claim is $750,000 but your policy limit is only $500,000? Where will the rest of the money come from? Without an umbrella policy, you’re going to have to pay out of pocket.

Your umbrella insurance coverage pays up to your policy limits once your primary insurance coverage limit is reached. So that $750,000 claim is split between the two policies. Your home insurance pays the $500,000 and your umbrella policy pays $250,000. You pay nothing but your deductible.

At the worst time in your life, as you’re trying to understand how this could have happened, you don’t need the stress of wondering how you’ll pay for it all, too. The right Indiana umbrella insurance policy can give you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Contact Clevenger Insurance Agency today to learn more about umbrella insurance policies. Umbrella insurance policies are typically very affordable and well worth their cost for the extra protection and peace of mind.