Indiana Business Insurance

Can you name a supervillain that attacks businesses, bent on its destruction? We can. Lawsuits. Major accidents. Damaged inventory. Lost income.

How do you fight the bad guys when you’re a business owner? With the right business insurance coverage, of course.

At Clevenger Insurance Agency, we offer all the protection your Indiana business needs to thrive and survive, no matter what life throws at you.

  • General Liability Insurance covers you when a third party suffers property damage or bodily harm. Not sure how you’d pay for the legal fees from a lawsuit, let alone the settlement? That’s general liability’s superpower.
  • Commercial Property Insurance works much like personal property insurance. When a storm, fire, or thief strikes, your coverage helps you repair the damage or replace what’s lost.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance protects you and your employees when you’re on the road for work. It doesn’t matter when you own a fleet of vehicles or you’re driving your personal car to run business errands, you’re covered.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance isn’t to be taken lightly, and it’s your legal duty to make it available to your employees. You do the right thing by buying it, and we’ll do the right thing and make sure you know what your options are.
  • Employee Benefits help you attract and keep the best employees. Maybe you’re not saving anyone from a burning building, but you can still feel like a hero knowing you’ve helped your employees.
  • Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance coverage offers your board peace of mind. They work hard for your company or non-profit and shouldn’t have to face potential lawsuits alone.
  • Professional Liability Insurance gives you breathing room from the very real possibility of a mistake. Offering your professional opinion and expertise doesn’t always lead to happy outcomes. When someone sues, your policy comes to your aid like any good sidekick.
  • Product Liability Insurance protects you when someone doesn’t have the positive experience with your product you want them to. The accusation that your product caused harm is bad, but the lawsuit is worse.

You don’t have to fight supervillains alone. At Clevenger Insurance Agency, we’re on your side.