Indiana Personal Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build a life you love. Whether your family is young and new or you’re already welcoming grandchildren, you want to protect everyone you love and the things you’ve worked hard to achieve.

The right personal insurance policies can help you in your greatest time of need. It’s there when a big storm hits, when you get into an accident, and when life deals the big blows. Without insurance, you’re left without help, forced to recover on your own. Some people never do.

With the right Indiana insurance policies in place and the right insurance agency on your side, you can put your life back together and get back to living. You don’t have to go through the tough times alone.

Clevenger Insurance Agency is here to help you protect what matters most. We offer the insurance policies you need to live your life.

No matter where you are in life, we’re here to help you protect what you care about most. We like to think of ourselves as “protection superheros” but we’re really just your friendly hometown insurance agency. We’re not faster than a speeding bullet, but we’re fast and efficient when you need help and we’ll make sure that you always have the right coverage at the best possible price.

Let us help you find the insurance policy that fits you life. Contact Clevenger Insurance Agency today.