Aubrey Rife is the owner and operator of Tranzstar, Inc. located in Kosciusko County.

Aubrey not only is a business owner but also a mother of three. When she isn’t working, she is actively engaged in the community as she is on a mission to create a positive and uplifting environment for her family, friends, and colleagues. It was difficult for Aubrey to choose which organizations to donate her time to; as she loves living, working, and playing in K County. The three boards she is involved in is: Junior Achievement, One Warsaw, and Kedco. In addition to serving on boards, Aubrey also volunteers from time to time at the Wagon Wheel.

Tranzstar Inc started as a trucking operation and has expanded to not only provide trucking but warehousing, logistics and kosher tank wash services. The warehouse of Tranzstar Inc has over 120,000 square feet that is utilized for customers loading, unloading, load prep and inventory management services. The Kosher tank wash facility is one of only only a few in the state! Tranzstar is committed to the future and has begun to offer entry level driving training at no cost to current employees; because again, the community matters, and investing in the current team is important to Tranzstar.

Being a woman in a male dominated industry has not come without challenges. In Aubrey’s younger years, it was a daily struggle for others to respect her knowledge and believe in her talent in the trucking industry. Understanding her talent was valuable, Aubrey worked hard to show her worth; and it paid off. She is a true testament that actions speak louder than words because she had to show others she belonged.  Now she mentors other women in the industry and provides a safe place to show up and be themselves. Showing up means some days, mistakes may be made; however, Aubrey is passionate about showing grace to herself and others. As there is no such thing as a mistake, if something is learned from the experience.

All of this to say; Aubrey has an incredibly grateful heart. She says,

“ I am so thankful for all of the women in business that I encounter on a weekly basis. I am so thankful for all of the women in business that I encounter on a weekly basis. We need to be able to lift each other up and provide safety and security when there is uncertainty. I have been fortunate enough to build a team of exceptional women in my workplace and the support we are able to give one another is critical in difficult times. You are capable of doing all the things others think you can’t and you will succeed if you believe that!”

Last but not least, when asked how the community can support Tranzstar Inc, Aubrey said,

“One of the number one things people in this community to support my business is support our employees. Be kind when you are out on the road and be careful when you are driving. We want everyone to get home safe at night. If anyone in this county has transportation, warehousing, logistics or kosher tank wash needs get in touch with us. We like to hear what your needs are and help you find solutions to them.”