Brooke VanKirk of Renew Salon & Massage Therapy

Brooke VanKirk is the co-owner of a salon and massage therapy company located in historical downtown North Manchester, Indiana called Renew Salon & Massage Therapy. The business operates as a one stop shop for your beauty and health and wellness needs. While Brooke practices and specializes in women’s massage therapy, her sister, Taylor, partners with her to run the salon side of things. Brook has been a licensed massage therapist since 2019 and offers a myriad of services including post-injury massage, lymphatic drainage massage, and essential oil treatments to name a few. Brooke’s passion is to create a peaceful space for people to come and care for themselves and leave feeling renewed.

Brooke grew up in Kosciusko County and has made wonderful connections in the community. In fact, it’s the people that keep her in K-County and she can’t imagine anywhere else making her feel so at home.

When asked to share an encouraging word to other women business owners, Brooke said,

“We’re glad to be a part of the community of fellow women business owners. Let’s continue to build each other up, support, and encourage one another in this journey!”