Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson is the owner of Project Milieu, a real estate photography company that serves the Kosciusko County community by capturing the atmosphere and ambience of every home or business property. Project Milieu aims to help you up your marketing game by providing high resolution photos for your real estate listing! 

There’s a unique story behind the name of Danielle’s company, as the word “Milieu” describes a person’s environment, atmosphere, or surroundings, and her “project” in life is to capture the beauty of that for people. 

Danielle grew up in Warsaw, Indiana for most of her life and has always had a heart for the community. She’s loved the arts and photography for as long as she can remember. Some fun facts about Danielle are that volleyball is her favorite sport and she played it in both high school and college, she was raised by entrepreneurs who taught her the essentials of hard work and good character, and she bought her first car using the money she earned from selling a cow!

Community and relationships are everything to Danielle, and she has a passion for capturing the essence and beauty of all things through her love of photography. 

If you’d like to show your support for Project Milieu, then please share a Google review if you utilize her services! And consider working with a small local business, like Project Milieu, the next time you need a specific service. 

When asked to share a word of wisdom with other women looking to start their own business, Danielle said,

“My advice is, why not? What is stopping you? What do you have to lose? I was very intimidated at first at the thought of ditching my 9-5 job and pursuing my dreams, but a year later I stand here happier than ever that I took the jump. It’s a lot of hard work and you can never give up on yourself, but hard work pays off. Never let the fear make you miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.”