Sea Grandon

Sea Grandon is the owner and founder of ATELIER, a contemporary art gallery located in Warsaw, Indiana. Sea is very passionate about the visual arts and the international art market and she is thrilled to share her knowledge and insight at the gallery. Guests who walk through ATELIER’S doors are able to experience high caliber, investment-grade art and explore the perspectives and ideas of different artists. ATELIER features a different emerging or established contemporary artist every two months, so there is always something fresh and innovative to explore. She loves building community within the gallery and providing exciting visual and intellectual experiences.

Sea and her family live on Winona Lake, but she and her husband lived in Chicago and New York City before relocating to Warsaw. Sea and her husband have four children between the ages of 10 and 21. Sea has been working as a contemporary art advisor for the past ten years, but before that, she had a professional career as an attorney.

When asked to share some advice with other women wanting to start their own business, Sea shared,

“Believe strongly in yourself. I think it’s also healthy to feel a solid amount of fear and stress. Use that nervous energy to extract excellence from yourself. If you wake up each day feeling a lot of excitement and a little fear, I think you are on the right path with your business.”