Amanda Dines owner and founder of Dines Mediation and Services LLC

Amanda Dines is the owner and founder of Dines Mediation and Services LLC located in Leesburg, Indiana. The business began with domestic mediations such as divorce agreements, prenuptials, custody agreements, and more. Now, she’s added private investigation, surveillance, and supervised parenting time on her list of services. Amanda strives to provide smooth conflict resolution in order to give her clients peace of mind.

Amanda is a mother, wife, grandmother, student, small business owner, and veteran. There’s nothing this Boss Babe can’t do! She wears many hats professionally and personally and enjoys engaging with an active lifestyle outside of the office. Some of her favorite hobbies include hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and being outside in the warm sunshine.

When asked to share an encouraging word to other women business owners, Amanda said,

“Patience is your best friend. It takes time for things to fall into place and for your business to thrive, but as long as you have the motivation and a great support system, you can do anything you put your mind to!”