Megan Metzger is the owner and creator of Fitness-Babes. Fitness-babes is a women’s focus clothing brand that is designed to empower and inspire women to be the best version of themselves through Fitness. Megan’s hope is to grow women’s confidence by giving them a super cute fashionable workout set to boost their self-image!

Currently a Grace College Student; Megan is the true definition of a boss babe. She operates a profitable business, attends school full time, and works part time at a local restaurant! Megan lives and works in K County because, “it is a amazing community to not only grow in but also create long, lasting friendships. This area has taught me how to be kind to others and have a giving heart because that is what Kosciusko is about! Loving your neighbor as yourself!”

When you meet Megan, you will quickly recognize her passion to encourage others to chase their dreams; especially women who are chasing their passions and sharing their gifts. Her advice,

“Just do it! Jump off the deep end and do it! You are so amazing! And I am so proud of you keep going!”

Supporting local businesses impacts so many even if the gesture is small. Follow her page, leave a positive review, or better yet buy her gear!