What You Need to Know About Identity Theft

Thursday, 05 August 2021

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a reality that we all have to face in this day and age. You never know when you’re going to get that dreaded call from your bank notifying you of numerous withdrawals from your account at gas stations, restaurants, and laundromats in Texas that were NOT made by you!

So, what happens when identity theft leaves a huge hole in your bank account?

Well, you may have identity theft coverage included in your homeowner’s policy! This coverage will reimburse you (up to listed amount) for additional expenses you incur in the process of recovering your identity.

It’s important to keep in mind that your credit card company may also provide identity theft coverage! Give them a call to clarify what coverage they provide and then let your insurance agency know so we can fill in the gaps.

If you have any questions about identity theft coverage or would like to schedule an insurance review, give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.

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