Why You Need a Primary Care Physician

Thursday, 02 December 2021

Pcp 2

Did you know that, statistically, designating a primary care physician for your healthcare needs can lead to overall lower healthcare costs?

Yep, it’s true!

Urgent Care centers and virtual visits with a doctor are wonderful if you’re in a pinch and need immediate access to healthcare. But there are some great benefits – apart from lower financial costs – that come with designating a primary care physician:

  • PCP’s offer yearly preventative screenings that can aid in early detection of disease and illness
  • PCP’s can refer you to specialists to help you with more in depth health issues
  • Because a PCP is the doc you go to for most of your wellness visits and illnesses, there’s a level of familiarity, safety, and comfort there that you probably won’t experience with one-time doctors

If you need help choosing the right primary care physician or need a list of in network doctors in your area, call your health insurance company direct or give Clevenger Insurance a call today at 574-267-2181.